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27 Jun 2017

The man is killed by what he ate

by W M Paile

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The book is talking about the man who was living in the village of Thaba Chueu, his name was Thabana. He grows up in the very poor family. His father was working in the City of Johannesburg as a miner. He used to come back home after every three months. His family was suffering because he was earning very little money. After working for many years now he took the pension and his elder son was doing grade 12. His son drops out of school due to the lack of money to continue with his studies. He decides to look for a job so that he can look after his family. He joined his friends who were embarking on the journey to the city of Johannesburg, to look for work. When they arrive in Johannesburg life was difficult for them because they could not get work for the whole month and they were not having a place to stay and food. Fortunately, after one month they got a job in the mining company. Life started to change for better for them. After three months they went home to the village for visit for one month. The family of Thabana decides to look for a wife for him, and he got married. He bore two children a boy and a girl. He builds a house for them. They were living in peace for ten years until they met one of the friends in the township who introduce him to the life of township. He becomes involve with one of the girls in the township. His life started to change because he was no longer loving his wife like as he used before. He started to skip months from visiting them until he was no longer going home to his wife and kids for ten years. This lady by the name of Qonda convinced him to come and stay with her in the township. They stayed together for a long time with peace and she was taking care of him until one day at Thabana's work they decide to retrench people, but they request them to take voluntary packages. He notifies his girlfriend about it. Qonda the girlfriend insist him to take that package and he ends up taking it. The girlfriend took that money and they renovate her house, open spaza shop and buy a car. They misuse the remaining money until they have nothing left. Now the girlfriend turns against him and mistreats him. Thabana decides to go back to his wife and children in the village. When he arrived his wife chased him out of the house. He came back to Qonda the girlfriend and found her with a new boyfriend, she also chased him out of the house. He ends up going back to the hostel and stays with one of his friends there. He started to abuse drugs and alcohol until they made him sick and was admitted to the hospital and stay there for a month and week, his situation becomes worse and he died.

price: $5.38
bound: 50 pages
publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (May 24, 2017)
lang: English
isbn: 1546875522, 978-1546875529,
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by Volume) An Amber Pale Lager with a slightly higher alcohol level and a rich amount of hopsRead 1 publication, and contact William Paile ... William Paile is on FacebookGeorge Paile. Antrim Township, 1751** Samuel Smith Joseph Walter Jas Jonston Wm Allison ..William Paile, city, St Louis (Independent City), Missouri, abt 1870, location, info. has at least 1 birth record for William Paile, among more than 3 birth records for this surname. 28 May 2005 ..license


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